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SG Assist is a community-based mobile app that assists your loved ones at home when you're away.
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About SG Assist

Our vision is to help save lives and build a culture of "kampong spirit" like the good ol' days, when everyone in the community looked out for one another. Via our mobile app, we aim to provide you with peace of mind through our swift assistance with community volunteers.

Without prompt and proper medical aid, your loved ones may be at a greater risk during a medical emergency. With our mobile app, we will help you locate a trained Kampong Hero to attend to your loved ones in your absence.

We Understand
Your Struggles

We know that it's difficult to go through these problems alone. That's why our app exists - to make life easier for you and your family whenever you want, wherever you are.

How SG Assist Works

As a User

With the SG Assist app, you and your loved ones will have instant access to community help that is just around the corner.

A worrisome situation that
everyone faces

Nothing feels more powerless than knowing someone you love is sick or in need of help. It is tough having to decide what’s best between choices like taking urgent leave and rushing back home or calling an ambulance.

Request for a neighborhood
Kampong Hero

With the SG Assist mobile app, you can easily lead Kampong Heroes to your home, anytime and anywhere. Knowing that someone is already attending to your family member will give you more time to make a decision about what to do.

SG Assist and Kampong Hero

Our Kampong Hero will give you the latest status updates via our app so that you can decide whether to stay at work with the peace of mind, or to come home immediately if the situation is serious.


How can I provide instructions for what a Kampong Hero does during their mission?
You can give your Kampong Hero specific instructions in your original request or via the messaging function. For example, you can request that they take a photo of your care-receiver for your own assessment, or that they refrain from calling an ambulance. In any case, the Kampong Hero must obtain your approval before performing any action
Are Kampong Heroes trained for medical emergencies?
Currently, all kampong heroes will be trained with basic first aid and emergency preparedness skills such as observing signs and symptoms of medical conditions, as well as basic CPR and AED usage knowledge. Our Kampong Heroes will be well-equipped with information on how to provide effective care and support during an emergency with the help of 995 to improve the survival of your care receiver.
Will Kampong Heroes be able to enter my home / the home of my care-receiver?

At this stage, Kampong Heroes can only check in at the doorstep and provide you with information to assess your care-receiver’s condition. They also recommend if the emergency services should be called to the site.

Our Kampong Hero will enter your home to properly access your care-receiver only if it is necessary and only if you give them explicit permission.

Does this app replace the need to call 995?
No. We advise you to call 995 for life-threatening emergencies. However, for non-emergency situations, do request a Kampong Hero who can conduct regular check-ins or assess the condition of your loved ones. You can also request for a non-emergency ambulance service by dialling 1777.
What if my care-receiver is injured during the course of assistance?

To avoid any injuries to your loved ones, we recommend that you answer the Triage Questions as accurately as possible and include any relevant information about your care-receiver in your request.

Rest assured that we care about your care-receivers as much as you do. We conduct stringent checks into our Kampong Heroes to ensure that they are well-equipped to handle such situations.

However, if your care-receiver does suffer an injury, contact us as soon as possible and we will conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances.

Please see our Terms of Use for more information.

FAQ for Pay-It-Forward System

What is the payment scheme for this app?
You can purchase credits in denominations of $20, $30, and $50 via our app. Users will pay credits for each request that a Kampong Hero attends to. Kampong Heroes receive credits for each completed request.
What can I do with my credits?

With our Pay-It-Forward credit system, you can use your credits to donate to your selected charities. Credits can also be used for self-enrichment courses with our training partners for courses relating to mental health care, first aid, CPR, and more!

You can also redeem gifts and vouchers, including but not limited to supermarket vouchers, discounted medical check-ups, and home improvement services.

In line with our love for volunteering spirit, you can also earn credit by attending volunteer events that we’ve partnered with!

How much does one request cost?
One request costs $6 per hour. For any extension past the first hour, there will be an added $6 charge per hour.
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