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SG Assist is a community-based mobile app that assists your loved ones at home when you're away.
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Be a Kampong Hero Today!

As a Kampong Hero

True to SG Assist’s vision of a strong community-care culture and Kampong Spirit, we envision everyone in the community becoming a helping hand to anyone in need.

Be who you are, Be a Kampong Hero.
Your kindness is your superpower.

Get notified of Help Requests within close proximity

As a Kampong Hero, you will be notified of Help Requests within walking distance from your location. You will be given basic mission details and map routing to help you decide quickly if you can offer support.

Kampong Hero is
on the way

If you’re available to assist, you can accept the mission and proceed to the given location to provide help to your neighbour.

Your Assistance

Your kind assistance will provide comfort to someone who cares about their loved ones. With your active help, you can prevent the situation from escalating.

How to be a Kampong Hero

It only takes one person to change a community. As a Kampong Hero, you have the power to change the lives of those who need your help.

Sign up now to learn more about becoming a Kampong Hero! You'll undergo a short training on how to assess signs and symptoms of medical conditions, basic CPR, AED usage, safety measures, medical emergency protocol, and more!

With your new knowledge, you'll be more than ready to offer your help to your neighbours. We're counting on you to make a difference!

STEP 1: Register

Sign up with your email below to receive more details from us on how to be a Kampong Hero!

STEP 2: Training

Come down to our office for a short training session to prepare you for your Hero duties! Let's get to know each other better!

STEP 3: You're done!

Congratulations, you're now ready to become a Kampong Hero!

FAQ for Kampong Heroes

Why should I be a Kampong Hero?
Your life will be enriched with the knowledge that you gave back to your community. More importantly, your actions could possibly save someone's life today! For each mission that you finish, you will gain credits that can be exchanged for gifts, vouchers, or cash. See our section on the Pay-It-Forward system for more information.
What are the requirements for becoming a Kampong Hero?
As long as you’re 18 years old and above, physically abled, and have the passion to help your community – we want you! We will arrange for you to undergo basic first-aid, CPR, and AED training so that you’ll be ready for any situation. Your SkillsFuture credits are applicable to pay for these programmes.
Do I have to commit to all requests within my vicinity?
No. There is no obligation to accept a request. Furthermore, if you’re unable to attend to a request, other Kampong Heroes can accept it.
What happens if I accept a request that turns into a life-threatening emergency?
You should seek permission from the requester immediately so that you can dial 995 for emergency help. SCDF will then assume responsibility for the care-receiver’s life. They may also communicate instructions to you over the phone on how to render assistance. Update the user as soon as possible on the care-receiver’s condition.
Will I be protected by insurance if I am injured while rendering help?
Yes. In the event that you are injured while rendering help, you will be able to file a compensation claim through our insurance provider. You can refer to our Kampong Heroes’ guidebook for more information.
What if I injure someone while rendering assistance to them?
If you adhere to our code of conduct and safety guidelines during your mission, it is highly unlikely that you will injure the care-receiver. There also have been no instances of any Good Samaritans in Singapore facing legal charges for injuring someone when attempting to save a life.

FAQ for Pay-It-Forward System

What is the payment scheme for this app?
You can purchase credits in denominations of $20, $30, and $50 via our app. Users will pay credits for each request that a Kampong Hero attends to. Kampong Heroes receive credits for each completed request.
What can I do with my credits?

With our Pay-It-Forward credit system, you can use your credits to donate to your selected charities. Credits can also be used for self-enrichment courses with our training partners for courses relating to mental health care, first aid, CPR, and more!

You can also redeem gifts and vouchers, including but not limited to supermarket vouchers, discounted medical check-ups, and home improvement services.

In line with our love for volunteering spirit, you can also earn credit by attending volunteer events that we’ve partnered with!

How much does one request cost?
One request costs $6 per hour. For any extension past the first hour, there will be an added $6 charge per hour.
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