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SG Assist is a community-based mobile app that assists your loved ones at home when you're away.
SG Assist has launched our beta apps for testing!
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Our Interviews!

We Care

To learn more about your needs, we interviewed Singaporeans from different walks of life to find out what challenges they face and how SG Assist can help them.

We understand that it's difficult to go through these situations alone - and that's where we come in to help.

Interview with Mr. and Mrs. Chern

"He was alone at home...
She has to take time off
and take a taxi to rush home"

"It disrupted her work/
A lot of disruptions"

Interview with Ms. Liu Yan

"My grandmother will refuse to go to any
elderly home or her children's home...
that creates a lot of tension"

"She is so sensitive to all her problems
but that will cause a lot of stress
for all her children"

Interview with Mr. Jerrold Poh

"There was once... she was cleaning the
house and I think she fell from a chair

"no one knew what was going on"

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