Tap on the floating Whatsapp icon on the lower right corner of the screen to begin a 1-to-1 chat. You  can also rate our app using the feedback below. If you may, do leave an email address below for us to contact you. Alternatively, you can email us at admin@sgassist.com.

The service is free for now. However if you find the platform useful, please give us some stars. 

Our volunteers gave their time to help you. As such, we provided you a means to reward our volunteers with some stars. Our volunteers can use these stars for courses their life-skills e.g. CPR, first aid  so that they are better placed to help others. 

Click on the volunteer button in the app. You will need to provide a photo and some personal information to become a volunteer. The information will be sent to our administrator for vetting. You will be notified by an in-app notification upon approval. 

We would like to do first pass screening when you become a volunteer. This includes checking that you have submitted correct information to contact you as well as a good photo so that others see you as a credible volunteer.