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Find Help

  • Create A Task

    Press the button to initiate getting assistance for your loved-one.

  • Enter Case Details

    Choose your dependent contact and continue filling up the case details with precise instructions for the volunteer aka Kampong Hero to follow.

  • Search And Wait

    Now just wait for a nearby volunteer aka Kampong Hero to accept your case and help you.

  • Keep In Touch

    Once matched, make sure to constantly keep in touch with the volunteer aka Kampong Hero using the app's call, chat, video and timeline functions.

Help others

  • Select A Suitable Case

    Browse through the available cases and select a suitable case that you are confident in completing.

  • Move To The Location

    Once you have accepted the case, quickly move towards the dependent's location.

  • Assist And Communicate

    Once in contact with the dependent, carry out the case instructions and maintain constant communication with the User.

  • Close The Case

    Finally, double check all instructions and take a picture proof of the house's door or gate to close off the case.